Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oooo, Skin So Smooth!

Another Alyah Au Naturelle Creation! Muahhaah!
(Okay, no more evil laugh)

I've made three Aloe Vera Lavendar  bars (not for sale, but because we're out of soap).  Which is why they are unusually thick.  I'm contemplating saving this recipe for the shop once it's finally up.  I enjoyed it.  Making it and trying something new.  I didn't use Aloe Vera juice or jelly at the store, I bought a large aloe leaf, made aloe juice, mixed in a preservative and walla! Creamy smooth, aloe vera bars!

Such a messy job

Aloe Juice mixed with a preservative

French milling, doesn't it look like something to eat haha

Joyous Soaping!


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