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"  Your soap looks like what?!?!"

My first Alyah Au Naturelle soap batch, was my first big meltdown.

Why? Do you ask?

Well blogger readers, I was following a recipe from The Soap Queen which involved rebatch soap.  A couple of weeks ago I bought my own Lye soap base from a personal vendor I know and tried it out

But wait!! You know what, I dunno if I really wanna use her recipe.  I mean she's awesome but I want to do my own soap, ya kno what I mean?  Hmmmm...well, let's make a cocoa butter bar instead of whatever she made.

So I had:
1. 4lbs of Lye soap base
2. 4 oz raw cocoa butter
3. 1 tsp of Rosemary infused oil
4. A "can-do" attitude mixed in with some excitement (YEAH!)
5. Double boiler
6. 3 Tbsp of water

"So let's get started" I said with excitement-French milling soap, also known as rebatch was going to be fun and easy peasy.

So I start adding the water,  Hmm, this is a little too dry, but I'll wait like the lady said.

 It takes about 30 minutes for my rebatch to melt.  And then I add in the rosemary.  Thinking that the batch will have a light green turns brown.
Okay okay so what now, and to top it off not all the soap flakes are melting.
Okay more rosemary.
Now its turning into a brown that I really don't want to mention here.

Well then the scientist kicks in, I know! I'll just melt another batch of white soap, add a little more cocoa and call it White Chocolate.  Yes, I've saved the day.
The soap melts and I pour the plain white soap in first and then the brown and here's what I got:
As you can probably imagine I FLIPPED OUT!!! I thought I wasted a whole batch.  But thankfully I had two people to help me stop and think, and encourage me to just wait.

So I waited, and what looked like a Cow Pie, turned into:
And the best part is they smell like chocolate!!! first batch of homemade soap ready for the shop....
So the moral of this story the trial and error world of soap making, if it looks like poop...wait.

Joyous soaping everyone!


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