I started this blog for my Etsy shop, but not just because I wanted to get traffic to my site, but because I, like many, have worries about starting a business.  My store is basically a hobby gone business, but that doesn't remove the fear I may have in turning something I love, into something successful.
I know I'm not the only one that has these fears, and like many things in a business, just about everything is trial and error (well at least in soapmaking).  So far I've struggled, and have put a lot of time into this, and my hope is not just to have my business grow, but to encourage others that may be in the same situation as me, starting something new that is so uncertain, no matter what you're going into business for.

I have a funny way of looking at life, when a situation arises that goes unexpectedly I tend to poke fun at it, and try my best to be optimistic, so a lot of what you may see on this blog is really how my personality is at home (if not understated somewhat!)
I hope to make you laugh along the way, and encourage you to interact and go for your goals.

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